Articles for the Month of October 2014

What do they call a person who downloads pirated eBooks?

bad hackerAuthors often give away free eBooks when promoting their work. You’ll find free eBooks at all the legitimate eBook websites: Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, All Romance and more. If you want a free eBook, I recommend you go there.

However, some readers believe they should never have to pay for an eBook. Not long ago one of my writer friends had a free promotion on the first book in his series. A reviewer left a rave five star review saying he loved the book and wished the author’s other books were free so he could read them too. Huhh?? Seriously??

For authors battling pirate sites, there is one consolation, many of those pirate websites that claim to offer “free” eBooks are often offering more than a book – such as a nifty virus or Trojan. I’ve also heard that at some sites you don’t even get the promised book file – just a nasty computer infestation.

Of course, there are pirate sites out there where you can pick up free eBooks. Back to question I asked in the headline: What do they call a person who downloads pirated eBooks?

Answer: A Thief.

Another Haunting Danielle

perfect hauntingAfter Haunting Danielle was released, I Googled “Haunting Danielle” to see what would come up. I put the title in quotation marks, because I wanted only webpages with the two words, together and in that precise order.

I was surprised when another Haunting Danielle popped up – this one typically with a comma or period separating the two words, instead of together like my book title.

Those other pages were for the movie, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting, written and directed by psychic Danielle Egnew.

I’ll confess, I had never heard of the movie before. Like my story it takes place in a bed and breakfast in the northwest—Washington instead of Oregon. Egnew’s movie takes place in Montgomery House, while mine takes place in Marlow House. Unlike my story, the movie appears to be based on a real life spooky haunting.

I just don’t get zombies…

Haunting Danielle 3I understand vampires, but I just can’t figure out the zombie craze. Not that I am a huge vampire fan, although I did enjoy Brandon Hale’s Day Soldier Series—which is not really a genre I typically read.

We spent last week with our daughter and her family in the Sacramento California area. Our daughter was thrilled when the season premier of Walking Dead came on. I started watching it. After all, the grandkids were tucked in for the night and it was the only show playing on the living room TV.

When the cannibals started slitting throats I left the room and retreated upstairs with my laptop. My husband was braver than me and watched the entire episode with our daughter and son-in-law, although it left him shaking his head, wondering why there is such fevered fascination with dystopian horror films, specifically: zombies.

I may write a vampire book someday, but for now I’ll stick to ghost stories. Book 2 of Haunting Danielle will be out in a few weeks, and I am working on Book 3—which is slated for a January 1 release. But there are no zombie stories in my future.

As for those ghost stories—here’s a sneak preview of the first three covers of the series—designed by that Walking Dead loving, cover artist—our daughter Elizabeth Mackey.