Articles for the Month of September 2017

It’s about the women…

This past summer we redesigned the book covers in the Coulson Series. We also renamed the series: Coulson Family Saga.

As you can see by the new covers there’s a similar theme. Each features a woman.

There is a good reason for that. After rereading the series, I realized, my story was really about the women. While on the surface it is a family saga, a thread weaves throughout the series—it’s about how women in this country have progressed over the last century. The Coulson women evolved, they made mistakes, they struggled, they loved, they suffered loss, they confronted challenges, and they persevered.

The Coulson women in book five had come a great distance from where they had begun when Mary Ellen married Randall Coulson in book one.

While the family’s patriarch, Randall Coulson, may not have imagined his family’s future would turn out as it did, I’d say for the women—and the family—they had come a long way, baby.

Countdown Deal on the Coulson Family Saga!

If you’ve started the Coulson Family Saga series—or would like to recommend the series to a friend, this is the week to purchase the books at Amazon, because they are currently on SALE for just 99¢ each! All the books (excluding the bundle we have of the series) are currently available in a Countdown Deal. This means you can purchase the entire series for less than five dollars. That even beats the bundle price.

But the sale will only last for one week. The books will return to their normal price on September 27, 2017.

Of course, if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read the books for free—for as long as they remain in the program. I haven’t decided if I will renew with KU come November. They may go wide again then and be offered at all the eBook venues. But for now, you can read them for free if you are a member of the program.

You can find the books by clicking HERE!

As many of you know, Anna J. McIntyre is a pen name I use. I’ve written the Coulson Family Saga and Unlocked Hearts series under the McIntyre name. Under my real name, Bobbi Holmes, I’ve written several non-fiction books, along with my popular Haunting Danielle series. Unlike the books under McIntyre, those books are G-rated, and an entirely different genre—paranormal cozy mystery.

My posting on this blog is sporadic—I tend to post more at the blog under my real name, Bobbi Holmes. You can find me there. And if I’m not there, you can always look me up at Facebook.

Happy reading!