It’s not my book—but I want you to buy it!

TheBitten It’s not my book—but I want you to buy it! I first “met” Brandon Hale a couple years ago when I started posting over at Amazon’s author forum. While books about vampires and werewolves really aren’t my thing, I started reading the preview of Brandon’s Day Soldiers and was hooked.

We became online friends and when Brandon and I bailed from Amazon’s KDP forum, we both landed in a private author’s group over on Facebook.

Brandon is a sweet, talented and funny guy. When he was diagnosed with cancer we understood it would be difficult for him to keep writing and marketing while battling cancer—and while his Day Soldiers series is popular, without regular promotion sales can drop, adversely affecting his income.

As a two time cancer survivor, I understand that the last thing you need to worry about when battling cancer is finances. Brandon’s fellow authors—the other members of that writing group I mentioned—wanted to do something to help, so we did what we do—we wrote a book.

The Bitten is a collection of short stories about vampires and werewolves. It’s a fun book—even for someone like me who isn’t a huge vampire and werewolf fan. But the most important thing, the proceeds from the book go to Brandon.

You can pickup The Bitten over at Amazon by clicking here.

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Coulson’s Wife – name that genre!

Coulson Wife Small <i>Coulson’s Wife</i> – name that genre!Things around my house have settled down a bit and I’ve gotten into a good routine. Yet most importantly, hubby is showing a marked improvement. Yesterday was our 38th Wedding Anniversary. We had hoped to spend a few days in the nearby mountains, but life got in the way. Instead, I took him to the doctors to have his staples removed, and then we stopped by our favorite restaurant and picked up takeout. Maybe not our ideal anniversary, but I’m just grateful he is getting better.

When not acting as home nurse, I’m able to get back to my work in progress—Haunting Danielle. I plan to reveal its cover in a few days.

In the meantime, I have a question for those who read Coulson’s Wife. While it is the first book in a family saga, it is still a standalone story and I’m having a problem nailing down its genre, which will help me better target its readers.

Is it historical romance, historical fiction, woman’s fiction or something else? Some reviewers have called it a haunting bittersweet love story – while others insist it is no romance.

What do you think?

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When life gets in the way…

photo 37 1024x764 When life gets in the way...

Life has interrupted my current work in progress—Haunting Danielle. I was about half way through the rough draft when I had to rush my husband to the hospital. Last Friday he underwent emergency surgery, due to a severe infection near his artificial knee.

According to the doctors the knee itself was not the culprit, just where the infection settled. They opened him up, cleaned the area and replaced a plastic portion of the artificial knee.

We brought him home yesterday, but he has a long road ahead. For the next six weeks he is hooked up to an IV three times a day to receive antibiotics. The home nurse has trained me to administer the IV, and that takes about four hours of my time each day.

Because they opened up his knee, he is facing the same rehab and physical therapy necessary when getting a new artificial knee. He must spend at least eight hours a day hooked up in a leg machine (forgot the proper name of the machine) that forces his knee to bend. They want him to spread the time throughout the day. I have to assist him in and out of the contraption.

He can’t stand on his own yet, or get out of bed on his own. Unfortunately the pain meds they gave him aren’t working, so this afternoon I have to take him to the doctors and see if he can get a new prescription. Not as easy as it sounds—getting him in and out of the car—and in this 100 plus degrees weather—makes me wish doctors still did house calls. I hate putting him through that.

Basically my time is scarce these days—and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to my new book. When I do find a few minutes to myself—like now—I don’t feel particularly creative, nor do I have the energy required to work on my manuscript.

My hubby will be off work for at least two months, and since he’s self-employed that means no sick pay. Therefore, if you like my books (and only if you sincerely like them) I would appreciate you recommend them to anyone you know who might share your taste in books. Frankly, I could use a little boost in book sales about now, considering all that is going on.

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Look for Sundered Hearts Tomorrow

Sundered Hearts Cover 682x1024 Look for <i>Sundered Hearts</i> Tomorrow

If all goes as planned, tomorrow Sundered Hearts should be available at Smashwords, and hopefully by Friday (or sooner) it will be available at Amazon. It will probably take a little longer to show up on the other venues, such as Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.

Part of my Sensual Romance Series, Sundered Hearts is a complete, standalone story, yet it introduces a much younger Ella (While Snowbound), Lexi (Sugar Rush) and Kit (After Sundown).

I hope you enjoy the story.

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Coming soon – Sundered Hearts

SensualRomanceSeries4 1024x376 Coming soon   <i>Sundered Hearts</i>

Last night I sent my newest book – Sundered Hearts – off to the editor. It took me a while to decided on a title for this one. I even appealed to some of my author friends for ideas. Friend and fellow author Carol Newsome suggested Sundered Hearts, which fit the story beautifully.  Thanks Carol!!

Look for Sundered Hearts in the near future.

About Sundered Hearts:

Susan Thomas thought she had it all—a home, a husband she loved, and children in her future—until everything came crashing down one rainy afternoon, exposing her perfect world as a lie.

Determined to move on with her life, Susan recklessly drags Brandon Carpenter from the bar and into her bed. When she doesn’t see him again, Susan fears she is repeating her same old mistakes.

Seeking refuge at Shipley Mountain, the last person Susan expects to run into is Brandon. He has his own reasons for being on the mountain. Brandon and Susan must put aside their misunderstandings. A child’s life is at stake.

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The Coulson Series—It’s about the Women

iStock 000030598112Small The Coulson Series—It’s about the WomenAuthors are often asked how we go about writing a book—do we have the story mapped out in our head—outlined on paper—or do we simply start with a blank page and see where our muse takes us. For many writers we do have the story mapped out, yet that doesn’t mean we always end up at the intended destination. It’s not uncommon for some unseen force to seize control and take us in an entirely different—yet deliberate—direction.

I didn’t fully realize The Coulson Series was really about the women—not until I completed the last book in the series, Coulson’s Reckoning. It became clear to me; it had always been about the women.

I’ve been asked by some readers if Coulson’s Reckoning is the final book in the series, to which I respond, we’ll see. Someday I’d like to tell the story of Sarah and Hannah, yet they have some growing up to do.

As for the women, we start with Mary Ellen from Coulson’s Wife. While the book has garnered favorable reviews, several reviewers questioned Mary Ellen’s actions—suggesting an independent woman of the 1920s would not have made her choices.

I strongly disagree with that assertion. Even in 2014 we hear too often of seemingly capable, independent and intelligent women trapped in abusive relationships. Therefore, if we go back almost a hundred years, in Mary Ellen’s time, how much power did a woman who had no friends, no family support and no money really have? Sure there were some independent women from the 1920s who dared to defy social conventions, notably flappers—which Mary Ellen was not.

In Randall’s defense, he was not an abusive husband—really no more demanding than other men from his era. One reviewer called him selfish, but considering the mindset from that time, it really was a man’s world. He cared for Mary Ellen, took care of his family and loved as best as he could. Perhaps we’d like to reinvent history and reality and believe a spunky woman could live whatever life she truly wanted—but even now that goal is often unattainable.

The Mary Ellen at the end of Coulson’s Wife is a very different woman from the obedient daughter who agreed to marry Randall Coulson. Perhaps she didn’t achieve the degree of liberation some readers wanted—I sincerely believe her choices were realistic for her time and circumstance.

In my opinion someone who sincerely believes it is more plausible that a woman from 1920 would defy social convention to achieve personal happiness doesn’t have a grasp on reality—or historical accuracy.

Yes, we’ve come a long way baby, but we haven’t quite got there, and neither have the women from The Coulson Series. However, they are evolving, with each generation facing their own challenges and each finding her own unique voice.

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Order of The Coulson Series

Coulson Series Order 1024x308 Order of <i>The Coulson Series</i>

According to the search terms used to find this site, a number of our visitors wanted to know the order of the books in The Coulson Series. I hope they found the answers they were looking for – but just in case future visitors come looking for that information I’ve added numbers to the book covers in the above photo to illustrate the order. Or, they can simply read the rest of this blog post.

The chronological order of the books are as follows:

1. Coulson’s Wife
2. Coulson’s Crucible
3. Coulson’s Lessons
4. Coulson’s Secret
5. Coulson’s Reckoning

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