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Haunting Facebook 300x148 Series Facebook Pages I currently have three series — The Coulson Series, Unlocked Hearts and now Haunting Danielle, which will have two books in the series come November 1, and a third in January.

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I understand that not all my readers will necessarily be interested in each series, because they are each a little different from each other.

The Coulson Series is a family drama with romance, mystery and adult subject matter. Unlocked Hearts is light romance, where the story is about the falling in love. Haunting Danielle is a cozy paranormal mystery.

I decided to create Facebook pages for each series–and each Facebook page will focus on just that series. I hope you stop by and check them out– and I would really appreciate any likes.

Coulson Facebook 300x172 Series Facebook Pages

Hope to see you over on Facebook!

Click here to visit The Coulson Series Facebook page.

Click here to visit the Unlocked Hearts Facebook page.

Click here to visit the Haunting Danielle Facebook page.

Hope to see you over on Facebook!

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Unlocked Hearts

UnlockedHeartsLogo Cropped 1024x191 Unlocked Hearts

I’m in the process of rebranding what was known as my Sensual Romance Series. Its new name—Unlocked Hearts. The new covers should show up at Amazon in a few days, and hopefully within a couple weeks the change will be reflected at all venues—Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, All Romance and more.

Some readers found the series’ name “Sensual Romance” misleading, expecting more heat. However, these books could not be described as “Clean Romance” because the stories do contain some intimate scenes and adult language.

I selected Unlocked Hearts because the stories in this series are really about the falling in love—the journey of two hearts finding each other.

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What’s in a name?

SensualRomanceSeries4 1024x376 Whats in a name?I’ve come to a decision – I’m renaming my Sensual Romance Series. The reviews tell me readers are misled by the series name, expecting more—well—more sex. The books can’t be classified as “clean” romance, yet nor are they erotic romance.

Looking back—I think I intended to have more heat, considering how the first book written for the series (After Sundown) started out. I mean really, look what Cole and Kit did on the dance floor of the After Sundown bar in the first chapter!

But along the way, the books took a turn to sweet. In fact, many reviewers pointed out While Snowbound is more sweet than sensual.

So I’m revaluating the title, looking for one that accurately sums up the series so as not to mislead readers.

Stories in this series are fairly predictable, in that they are happily ever after—boy meets girl—boy and girl get to know each other—boy and girl have conflicts—boy and girl end up together.

The stories are about the journey—the falling in love.

Do I name the series: Falling in love??? Journey of falling in love?

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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Goodreads exorcism a success!

goodreads new1 Goodreads exorcism a success!
I am happy to report those ghost reviews over at Goodreads have disappeared. Because of that I deleted the rating I’d left on the book. Currently Haunting Danielle has five ratings, all 5-stars.

For full disclosure, I personally know three of the reviewers. I hope they really liked the book, but I understand family and friends can be bias.  One of the ratings was left by a Goodreads reviewer who has reviewed some of my other books.  And one rating is by a Goodreads reviewer I don’t know.

As much as I am pleased when family and friends read one of my books and take the time to rate or review it, I will confess the review that means the most is the reviewer who is a complete stranger–and leaves me a five star!

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Ghost Reviewers at Goodreads

GOODREADSxx Ghost Reviewers at Goodreads

It seems Goodreads has some ghost reviewers—anonymous reviewers who slip in, rate books and then disappear. At least, that seems to be what happened to my newest book, Haunting Danielle.

Less than two days after Haunting Danielle was released I logged into Goodreads and was stunned to find five people had supposedly already read and rated the book on Goodreads, giving my shiny new release a dismal 2-star average.

What struck me as odd was that it had that many ratings in such a short time. As most people in this business know, it takes a good number of readers to read a book before reviews or ratings start showing up. (I’m not talking of reviews left by friends or family members.)

To give you an idea how many sales it takes to generate reviews—I’ve a bestselling author friend whose new release was selling about 150 times more than mine – and during the first few days after his release it only had about 23 reviews.

As for Haunting Danielle, when I checked to see who were the five people who supposedly rated it—there was only one Goodreads member who’d rated my book—and that person gave it 5-stars.

I then clicked on the “Rating Details” tab—and things really got screwy. According to the graph, 2 people left me 5-stars—2 people left me 3-stars—2 people left me 2-stars—2 people left me 1-star—and what was REALLY bizarre, minus-3 people left me 4-stars.

Minus people??? I’ve a friend who’s a Goodreads librarian and I asked her to look at it. She thought the minus-3 reviewers was pretty bizarre and said it looked like some technical glitch. She suggested I try contacting Goodreads, which I had already done. So far, they have not responded.

Sometimes over at Goodreads a rating will show up before it’s reveal who left it. Yet, that normally happens within 24 hours. It’s been over 48 hours, and they remain ghosts.

Since this all started I’ve picked up six more ratings—three are people I personally know who read my books—one is a Goodreads member I recognize who has read some of my other books—and two are my author names. I normally never rate one of my books, as do some other Goodreads authors. Yet, until Goodreads straightens out this technical glitch—and I do believe it is a glitch—I’ll leave up my ratings to balance the scales.

As for those ghost reviews that showed up just a day or so after the book came out, there still is no sign of the 10 Goodreads members who supposedly left those first ratings. Not 10 exactly—7 people and 3 minus people.

Since Haunting Danielle is a ghost story, perhaps it’s fitting that its Goodreads page is haunted.

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One day early–Haunting Danielle is at Amazon!

HautingDanielle 1 200x300 One day early  <i>Haunting Danielle</i> is at Amazon!It wasn’t supposed to be out until tomorrow, but the first book in my new Haunting Danielle series is now available at Amazon.

It will be exclusively at Amazon for the next 90 days, so that means if you are taking advantage of Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program you can read the book for free.

As I’ve already mentioned, it is a little different from other books written under my Anna J. McIntyre pen name, which is why I added my real name to the cover.

I’ll confess, the series was inspired by two of my favorite ghost classics, Topper and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

 Click here to find it at Amazon.

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How do you feel when your manuscript comes back from the editor?

iStock 000045546846Small 300x199 How do you feel when your manuscript comes back from the editor?Over the weekend I received Haunting Danielle back from the editor. Actually the editor isn’t finished. She’s sending me a second corrected version mid-week. If all goes as plan, Haunting Danielle will be available on Amazon, September 1, 2014.

When I get a manuscript back from the editor I’m always curious to see if she left me any comments. Editors I use always edit in Word, using Track Changes and leave the comments along the right side of the page.

Comments tell me just how much work still needs to be done. This time she sent me on a few minor tasks, nothing major that will interfere with the deadline date. For that I am grateful.

While the manuscript has been off to the editor I haven’t been idle. I’ve started on Book 2 in the Haunting Danielle series, with a target publication date of November 1, 2014.

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