What will you be reading this summer?

Sugar Rush on iPad edited 1 What will you be reading this summer?
While summer doesn’t technically arrive for a couple months, here in Havasu we’ve been feeling the arrival of summer, with increasingly warmer days, in spite of yesterday’s rainstorm. In about a month our local schools take off for summer vacation.

For some readers, vacation time signifies extra reading time. If you enjoy light, happily-ever-after romances, you might consider adding some books from my Unlocked Hearts series to your summer reading list.

One of my favorites is Sugar Rush, which takes place in my home town of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. If you take a closer look at the book cover, you’ll see the London Bridge in the background. In case you don’t already know, Lake Havasu City’s founder, Robert McCulloch, bought the London Bridge in the late 60s and transported it from London to our little desert community, where it was reconstructed and officially opened in 1971.

Another reason I’m partial to Sugar Rush—it includes my dad’s homemade hot fudge recipe. If you like chocolate (and who doesn’t) you have to give it a try.

Of course, summer is weeks away, so maybe you should just read Sugar Rush now.

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Is Anna J. McIntyre in the house?

Alter Ego e1461019768371 Is Anna J. McIntyre in the house?My alter ego—Anna J. McIntyre—has been low key these days. It isn’t that I haven’t been writing. I have. But my focus the last two years has been on my Haunting Danielle series, written under my real name, Bobbi Holmes.

I thought it was time I revisit my Anna J. McIntyre page and make some updates—because there have been some changes.

For one thing, the books in my Unlocked Hearts series are no longer exclusive on Amazon. You can now buy the eBooks at iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and of course—Amazon. Go to my Unlocked Heart’s page and you’ll find links by each book for the various vendors.

Another change, the first book in the Unlocked Hearts series, Sundered Hearts, is now free.

I’ve also updated this site—making it easier for you to find books from The Coulson Series at your favorite eBook vendor: Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords , or Barnes & Noble. You’ll find the links on The Coulson Series page.

Happy reading!

Anna J. McIntyre aka Bobbi Holmes

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WhileSnowbound 200x300 99 cent SALE   <i>While Snowbound</i><br> Sale ends in 3 days!If you hurry, you can grab While Snowbound for just 99 cents! Sale ends in just 3 days, then the eBook returns to its normal price of $3.99!

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While Snowbound

Snowbound with the famous rocker might be her best friend’s fantasy, but it isn’t Ella’s. Nor is she impressed with the fact Brady Gates was voted sexiest man of the year – twice. Ella was looking forward to the isolation of her mountain cabin and the peace and quiet she needs to finish writing her book. Rescuing the careless celebrity in the midst of a blizzard and taking him to the safety of her remote cabin was not how she intended to spend her time on the mountain.

Weary of lovestruck fans climbing into his bed uninvited and the ever present paparazzi, Brady Gates had planned to take an incognito break from his hectic life and spend several weeks alone at a remote mountain cabin.

Finding himself stranded in a blizzard doesn’t bother him half as much as the fact the one woman he wants is the one woman who is the least interested in him.

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What you may not know about The Coulson Series

Books edited 1 What you may not know about The Coulson SeriesWhile I normally don’t respond to reviews—good or bad—I thought it might be fun to create a mock interview, where the questions posed come from questions or thoughts raised by Amazon reviewers.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

Q. I finished reading Coulson’s Wife and I wonder why certain secrets were kept and not revealed. Don’t you think you missed an opportunity for added conflict, tension, and drama?

A. What some readers may not realize, Coulson’s Lessons (which is book 3 in the series and originally titled Lessons) was actually the first book written. When readers wanted to know more about the characters in Lessons (when they were younger), I decided to write what would become Coulson’s Crucible. But before I started that book, I was compelled to write Coulson’s Wife. Had certain secrets (I don’t want to give a spoiler) been revealed in book 1, it would not have worked. Yet, all the secrets are revealed in Coulson’s Reckoning.

Q. I was enjoying Coulson’s Wife but there was one part where William’s comments are attributed to Randall. I found that confusing. Don’t you use an editor?

A. I confess to sometimes typing the wrong character’s name. (I do it when talking too.) The book has gone through several editors and numerous beta readers—and unfortunately that error slipped through. I am very sorry. We have since corrected the file.

Q. I really enjoyed Coulson’s Wife, yet didn’t feel Coulson’s Crucible resembled the first book. I missed the historical references.

A. As a family saga, spanning four generations, each book tends to be unique to that generation, yet as they move along, they intertwine. The historical references were handled differently in Coulson’s Crucible, as it took place in the 1960-70s, and I didn’t feel it required the same background summary required in Coulson’s Wife.

Q. Why didn’t you have Vera reconcile what happened to her when she was a teenager? She never seems to realize that is why she makes certain decisions.

A. Exactly. When writing The Coulson Series, its characters became real to me. Real people are complex and flawed, a mixture of good and bad. And sometimes they never understand why they behave in certain ways. That was actually the point of the story—and this being a family saga, those unresolved issues and family secrets can resonate for generations to come.

Q. The series was great but all the stuff about how the Mormon religion is the way to go could have been left out.

A. Ummm…I think you are thinking of another book. The Mormon religion is never mentioned in the story.

Q. I know you call the series a Family Saga, do you see it fitting into another genre?

A.  A marketing problem with The Coulson Series, in my opinion, the books in the series tend to genre hop. Coulson’s Wife is more historical fiction. It might also fall into woman’s fiction because it focuses on the changes for women in the 20th century.

Coulson’s Crucible is more drama. Coulson’s Lessons is contemporary romance. Coulson’s Secret and Coulson’s Reckoning are mystery romance.

Q. There are a lot of people in the series and their families seem to interconnect. How can I keep them all straight?

A. You will find a Coulson Family Tree on this website, and in the last book in the series, Coulson’s Reckoning.

Q, Will there be another book in the series—perhaps about Garret and Alexandra’s daughter?

A. Readers have asked me before, and I have seriously considered it. Yet for now, my focus is on my current series, Haunting Danielle.

Q. Now that you bring up Haunting Danielle, why did you publish that series under your real name (Bobbi Holmes) and The Coulson Series under your pen name (Anna J. McIntyre)?

A. I didn’t want to confuse readers, because the tone of Haunting Danielle is radically different from The Coulson Series. It isn’t just that Haunting Danielle is a different genre—paranormal cozy mystery—it is G-rated, with no graphic sex, no significant swearing—basically something you wouldn’t mind sharing with your teenager or grandmother.

The Coulson Series does contain graphic sex, language some might find offensive—it’s intended to be realistic and gritty. I don’t feel the sex scenes or language is gratuitous; they are necessary for the story. But, it will offend some people.

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I love hearing from my readers!

iStock 000009804953 ExtraSmall I love hearing from my readers!One problem being a flaky blogger—something I’ve been lately—is that if I don’t log on to post, I might forget about reading (and approving comments). Unfortunately, I have to manually approve comments because of the crazy amount of spam that comes through, which the safeguards I have in place miss. Obviously, my safeguards are not working.

But when I do stop by my blog, and read the comments left by readers—which I then approve, I can’t help but SMILE.

When readers take the time to find my blog and leave a comment—well, you don’t know how great that makes me feel. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear from a reader who is enjoying my stories. That is what writing is all about.

So for all those who take the time to leave comments, I want to give you a special thank you. Each time I read a new one, it makes my day.

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Has it been a month already?

BC Back Has it been a month already?I keep telling myself I will post on a more regular basis—at least three times a week. But then life gets in the way and suddenly a month has gone by and I haven’t made a single post.

I suppose I have an excuse—it’s been a busy month. We released The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge on June 30—only to discover an error in the file, which we immediately corrected and contacted Amazon, who contacted those with the glitchy file, to download the corrected one.

I’ve been working on the next book in the Haunting Danielle series—The Ghost of Halloween Past, and need to wrap that one up by the end of August to get it off to the editor for a mid-September release.

We are still working on the paperback versions of Haunting Danielle, while reformatting and re-editing the eBook versions of The Coulson Series. But more about that in a later post.

Now it’s time for bed—it’s been a long day!

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Good news and bad news….

HautingDanielle BOOK4 200x300 Good news and bad news....The good news is The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge went live today on Amazon. The bad news, one of the chapters—a critical one, shifted order. Instead of being Chapter 38, it is now Chapter 35. Yikes!

I have uploaded a corrected file with Amazon and have contacted them about the issue. Normally they will send out corrected files to who ever ordered the book.

But if you’ve already downloaded the eBook and don’t want to wait for the corrected file, you can go ahead and read it.

BUT, when you get to Chapter 35, which begins “Someone needed to tell Brian” – skip that chapter, because it is really Chapter 38, and frankly it will give away the who-done-it.

The rest of the chapters are in the correct order, so keep reading. But when you reach Chapter 39, stop and read the chapter that begins “Someone needed to tell Brian” – which is actually Chapter 38.
I am really sorry for this.

If I’ve just confused you and you have questions, you can email me at bobbi@robeth.com.

Thanks, Bobbi

UPDATE: I received notice from Amazon around 5 pm Arizona time that the corrected file was live. If you purchased the eBook after that time from Amazon, it should be the corrected file. I still haven’t heard back from Amazon in regards to them contacting readers who downloaded the eBook prior to that time. 

It should be live at Kobo and Barnes & Noble shortly –they received the correct file. It is already at Smashwords and should reach iTunes in a few days.

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