Cockygate Hits the Indi-World

On Friday I watched as Twitter exploded with something that has since come to be known as #cockygate. I suspect by now most serious indi-authors already know about it. In fact, one popular writer’s group with over 21K members closed its virtual doors by putting up a Taking a Break sign and informing members that they were shutting off all postings for the rest of the weekend and suggesting its members all write, edit and spend time with their families. While all those are good suggestions, #cockygate was still a thing when Monday arrived. Maybe even more so.

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Why Anna J. McIntyre?

When I published the first book under Anna J. McIntyre, Lessons (now Coulson’s Lessons),  people asked me why I was using a pen name.

I don’t think I was ever truly honest with them—or myself—as to why I decided to write under a nom de plume. But now, almost seven years later, I think I have a better understanding as to why I actually made that decision.  I was afraid.

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Two blogs too many…

Out in cyberspace I once had half-a-dozen or more blogs on various subjects. Sometime ago I abandoned or deactivated those and redirected my energy to two author blogs. One was for my Anna J. McIntyre pen name—the second for my legal name.

In the beginning, I thought to keep the two separate. After all, books by Anna J. McIntyre are R-rated, while books under my own name are either non-fiction or G-Rated.  My original intent was to avoid confusing my readers. Well…kinda…sorta. It’s actually a little more complicated. But I will get back to that in a minute.

What I have discovered, I don’t do a terrific job keeping two blogs going. Fact is, I can’t even keep one blog going at my current rate. One reason might be my writing and publishing schedule. I’ve been publishing a new Haunting Danielle book about every 90 days.

But the thing is, I have no desire to abandon blogging. There are things I want to write about. So, I have made a decision. From here on out, I intend to post exclusively on the blog under my own name: Even if it’s about one of my books written under Anna J. McIntyre.

I will then post a snippet of that blog post on my Anna J. McIntyre page, with a link back to That way, readers who stumble across the Anna J. McIntyre page looking for me, will get a small sample of my current posts, with a link to the entire entry.

I intend to publish this post, in its entirely, on both websites. But, this will be the last one I publish in its entirety on my Anna J. McIntyre blog.

As to what I wrote in the second paragraph of this post, about getting back to you on my original intent in using a penname, I will discuss that in tomorrow’s blog post. Hope you stop back by to read it!

(The title of this blog post should have been: One blog too many!)