Writing a Blog Post with my iPad


I’ll be doing some traveling in the near future and would like to leave my laptop at home. I am writing this on my iPad, using the little iHome keyboard I picked up at KMart for under thirty bucks. This keyboard is larger than the iPad cover keyboards that I looked at – and cheaper. But honestly, this keyboard is pretty tiny for my clutzy fingers. I don’t know how I would use the cover keyboard. It would be as effective (or non-effective) as the screen keyboard. My mother has a larger wireless keyboard for her iPad, and I guess I will have to eventually get a larger one too, if I ever want to use my iPad for serious writing or blogging.

Of course, I could take my laptop, but that is just a pain when checking into a flight.

On another note, I’ve heard back from one Beta reader who is about finished reading Coulson’s Reckoning, and so far she likes it and sees no major changes needed. Woohoo!

Photo: Wondering about the photo? It’s my granddaughter. I wanted to add a picture to the post, and this one was on my iPad. You have to admit, she is a cutie.