Two blogs too many…

Out in cyberspace I once had half-a-dozen or more blogs on various subjects. Sometime ago I abandoned or deactivated those and redirected my energy to two author blogs. One was for my Anna J. McIntyre pen name—the second for my legal name.

In the beginning, I thought to keep the two separate. After all, books by Anna J. McIntyre are R-rated, while books under my own name are either non-fiction or G-Rated.  My original intent was to avoid confusing my readers. Well…kinda…sorta. It’s actually a little more complicated. But I will get back to that in a minute.

What I have discovered, I don’t do a terrific job keeping two blogs going. Fact is, I can’t even keep one blog going at my current rate. One reason might be my writing and publishing schedule. I’ve been publishing a new Haunting Danielle book about every 90 days.

But the thing is, I have no desire to abandon blogging. There are things I want to write about. So, I have made a decision. From here on out, I intend to post exclusively on the blog under my own name: Even if it’s about one of my books written under Anna J. McIntyre.

I will then post a snippet of that blog post on my Anna J. McIntyre page, with a link back to That way, readers who stumble across the Anna J. McIntyre page looking for me, will get a small sample of my current posts, with a link to the entire entry.

I intend to publish this post, in its entirely, on both websites. But, this will be the last one I publish in its entirety on my Anna J. McIntyre blog.

As to what I wrote in the second paragraph of this post, about getting back to you on my original intent in using a penname, I will discuss that in tomorrow’s blog post. Hope you stop back by to read it!

(The title of this blog post should have been: One blog too many!)