Another Haunting Danielle

perfect hauntingAfter Haunting Danielle was released, I Googled “Haunting Danielle” to see what would come up. I put the title in quotation marks, because I wanted only webpages with the two words, together and in that precise order.

I was surprised when another Haunting Danielle popped up – this one typically with a comma or period separating the two words, instead of together like my book title.

Those other pages were for the movie, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting, written and directed by psychic Danielle Egnew.

I’ll confess, I had never heard of the movie before. Like my story it takes place in a bed and breakfast in the northwest—Washington instead of Oregon. Egnew’s movie takes place in Montgomery House, while mine takes place in Marlow House. Unlike my story, the movie appears to be based on a real life spooky haunting.

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