Blame it on Auto Correct!


I remember when word processors first came out with spell check and grammar check. For a comma challenged person like myself, it seemed like the answer to a prayer. It didn’t take long to discover grammar check would not be replacing skilled, living and breathing editors.

In college, I literally wore out my dictionary, so I quickly fell in love with spell check. However, I am not so thrilled with auto correct, and I really need to take the time and figure out how to adjust my word processing settings to turn off that little annoying feature.

While auto correct might speed up the writing process, it can also make us look stupid.  Today, while reviewing my proofs for my paperbacks, I spied a little word that did not belong there — something missed by beta readers, editor and myself. Oh, the word was spelled correctly. And to the ear, it sounds similar to the word I was going for (which explained why it was missed when the book was listened to prior to release.)

The only problem, it has an entirely different meaning than the word I wanted.  Many readers will never notice – as our eyes tend to do their own auto correct. But some will catch it. A number of those will shake their heads and say I’m an idiot – while others will laugh and mumble, “auto correct gotcha!”

This morning we corrected and replaced the file at Amazon. Does this mean the book is now perfect? I seriously doubt it.


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