Coulson’s Reckoning is here!


Coulson’s Reckoning is now available at Amazon in eBook format. It should be showing up at the other eBook vendors in the near future.

Because of the layered relationships of characters in the series – a story spanning almost a century – I’ve included a set of family trees in Coulson’s Reckoning. You’ll find them at the front of the book. You will also find them on this site, if you click on “Coulson Family Trees” at the top of the page.

But WAIT!!!!! Before you click, you may not want to if you haven’t read the first four books in The Coulson Series. I’m afraid they will give away some secrets you may want to discover through the stories, and not by reading the family trees.

I might create some less revealing trees to replace these – but for now I will leave the spoiler family trees up.

Click here to buy the book at Amazon.

5 comments on “Coulson’s Reckoning is here!

  1. Susan Patterson

    Just read Coulson’s Reckoning!! It was so worth the wait! Loved it!!!

    1. Anna J. McIntyre

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for telling me.

  2. Cathie

    Just finished the last book in the series. Will there be another?

  3. Anna J. McIntyre

    That is a good question…Coulson’s Reckoning might be the last in the Coulson Series…yet maybe not. I’ve considered writing more about Hannah and Sarah, but when they are a little older.

    1. Cathie

      Honestly that’s where I thought you might go with it. Not to push you in any direction but one of the girls being gay and learning to accept that and understand where it may have come from and how fortunate she would be living in this century as opposed to the last would be interesting. 🙂

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