New Look for the Unlocked Hearts Series


Cover designer Elizabeth Mackey has given my Unlocked Hearts series a new look! I especially love the Sugar Rush cover with the London Bridge in the background. Sugar Rush takes place in my hometown, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, home of the London Bridge.

The eBook covers are still updating, so they aren’t all up. It will take a few weeks before the paperback versions are updated with the new covers.

Rebranding Books from a Series


It’s sometimes a little confusion to some of my readers – those who read Lessons when it was first published two years ago, only to discover Lessons is now titled Coulson’s Lessons – and that instead of being number one in the Coulson Series, it is now number three. How did that happen? I am so confused!

Well, actually, I’m not confused – but I may have confused a few of my readers.

I first wrote Lessons, an adult love story – and then The Senator’s Secret, which is more mystery than love story. Readers first met most of The Senator’s Secret characters in Lessons.

I then decided I wanted to go back in time, and write about the people from Lessons, when they were children – to show how they first met and formed their relationships. I wanted to give readers more insight into their history.

When I started writing, I found myself jumping back one generation – to first tell the story of the grandfather that started the empire and founded Coulson. But the story ended up being more about his wife, in Coulson’s Wife.

After Coulson’s Wife, I wrote Coulson’s Crucible, which introduced many of the characters from Lessons. For some it might have been a character overload. I’m just hoping the story of Garret’s parent pulls the reader successfully through the book without too much confusion.

After Coulson’s Wife and Coulson’s Crucible, it was decided to rebrand the series – and rename the first two books written. Lessons became Coulson’s Lessons and The Senator’s Secret became Coulson’s Secret.

As I’ve mentioned before, there will be at least one more book in the series – Coulson’s Reckoning, which will tie together loose ends woven throughout the books.

Yet, for those who despise having to read all books in a series to get a complete story, I promise you can read any of the first four books, without having to read any of other books from the series.

New Releases – The Coulson Series

Books_edited-1It has been a busy week with the release of two new books – Coulson’s Wife and Coulson’s Crucible. This means four of the five Coulson books are available, with the fifth book in the series, Coulson’s Reckoning slated for an early 2014 release.

Coulson’s Wife tells how it begins, with the story beginning in 1900 and taking the reader through the first half of the century. Over on Amazon I received my first review. The reviewer wrote: I shed quite a few tears while reading this book but I couldn’t bring myself to put it down. It was well worth reading.

Coulson’s Wife tells the story of the second generation, and introduces characters you’ll meet again in Coulson’s Lessons and Coulson’s Secret. 

While each is a standalone story – a thread comprised of family secrets is woven through the books and will have their reckoning in the final book of the series. At least, I think it is the final book. But who really knows?

Currently you’ll find the series in eBook format at Amazon – but they should be showing up at other eBook vendors within the next couple weeks. We hope to have the paperbacks out by Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the series!