When life gets in the way…

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Life has interrupted my current work in progress—Haunting Danielle. I was about half way through the rough draft when I had to rush my husband to the hospital. Last Friday he underwent emergency surgery, due to a severe infection near his artificial knee.

According to the doctors the knee itself was not the culprit, just where the infection settled. They opened him up, cleaned the area and replaced a plastic portion of the artificial knee.

We brought him home yesterday, but he has a long road ahead. For the next six weeks he is hooked up to an IV three times a day to receive antibiotics. The home nurse has trained me to administer the IV, and that takes about four hours of my time each day.

Because they opened up his knee, he is facing the same rehab and physical therapy necessary when getting a new artificial knee. He must spend at least eight hours a day hooked up in a leg machine (forgot the proper name of the machine) that forces his knee to bend. They want him to spread the time throughout the day. I have to assist him in and out of the contraption.

He can’t stand on his own yet, or get out of bed on his own. Unfortunately the pain meds they gave him aren’t working, so this afternoon I have to take him to the doctors and see if he can get a new prescription. Not as easy as it sounds—getting him in and out of the car—and in this 100 plus degrees weather—makes me wish doctors still did house calls. I hate putting him through that.

Basically my time is scarce these days—and I’m not sure when I’ll get back to my new book. When I do find a few minutes to myself—like now—I don’t feel particularly creative, nor do I have the energy required to work on my manuscript.

My hubby will be off work for at least two months, and since he’s self-employed that means no sick pay. Therefore, if you like my books (and only if you sincerely like them) I would appreciate you recommend them to anyone you know who might share your taste in books. Frankly, I could use a little boost in book sales about now, considering all that is going on.

6 comments on “When life gets in the way…

  1. Susan Patterson

    So sorry about your husband. I hope the recovery goes as quick and pain free as possible. I’m sure he is thankful to have you to nurse him back to good health.

    1. Anna J. McIntyre

      Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    1. Anna J. McIntyre

      Me thinks you have your hands full already, but I do appreciate the thought!

  2. Linda Allen, Starke, Florida

    I think I have read every book you have written but will search to see if I missed any. Will definitely recommend them as I sincerely enjoy every one of them. So sorry about your hubby, know it is a struggle but always remember things could be worse. Will keep y’all in my prayers and hope things get better soon.

    1. Anna J. McIntyre

      I actually feel blessed in that we recently changed medical insurances. His knee may not have been covered under our old policy. Just one of those bumps in the road. I feel very fortunate he is on the mend. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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