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When Susan Haught asked me to participate in this author’s blog hop I said sure, why not? After all, I didn’t have to post my entry until February 10, 2014. If you will notice, it is February 12 today. I have a good excuse, really. I was finishing up Coulson’s Reckoning, which yesterday, I sent off to the beta readers.

So please excuse the hop delay. I’ve been asked to answer a series of question, and then direct you to several of my author friends, to see how they answer the same questions.

What am I working on?

Like I mentioned in the introduction, I just sent Coulson’s Reckoning off to my beta readers. It is the fifth (and possibly final) book in my Coulson Series. When I finish up Reckoning, I will be working on another book in the Sensual Romance Series, and then I’m starting a new series. So you can see, 2014 is going to be a busy year for me.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Currently I have two series, The Coulson Series and The Sensual Romance Series. The Sensual Romance Series is contemporary romance – easy reading, light romances with happy endings. These are not “clean” romances (I loathe that term) yet they are not erotica or especially racy. I am afraid the “Sensual” sometimes throws off readers who expect more heat. Yet, these book would not fit into the “clean” romance slot – as I don’t keep the bedroom doors shut. Of course, sometimes it happens on a dance floor, not the bedroom.

The Coulson Series is a little harder to nail down, genre wise. I wrote Coulson’s Lesson’s first (originally titled Lessons) which was clearly a contemporary romance. Then came Coulson’s Secret (originally The Senator’s Secret) which is mystery romance. Some mystery readers – those who don’t like romances – were offended by what they termed “graphic sex scenes” – yet to a romance reader, those scenes might seem tame.

I decided to go back in time, and wrote Coulson’s Wife followed by Coulson’s Crucible. Coulson’s Wife is more historical romance, yet not a traditional happy ever after ending. Coulson’s Crucible, which features many characters from Coulson’s Lessons (as children) is more drama.

How does the Coulson Series differ from others of its genre? – I think the question here, which genre does it best fit? It is a family saga which has a bit of everything.

Why do I write what I do?

Some readers prefer books where the characters set an example. They don’t want a hero who makes poor choices, uses bad language or engages in what they deem immoral behavior. I’m drawn to flawed characters – those who possess both good and bad traits. Yet, I try to end each story on a happy or upbeat note. That was a little difficult in Coulson’s Wife, yet I like to think its ending was more bittersweet than sad.

The books in my Sensual Romance Series are just light reading – predictable in that boy meets girl, and at the end of the story boy and girl end up together in a happy ever after conclusion. While my readers are pretty confident as to where we are going, my intent is to make the trip enjoyable.

How does my writing process work?

This is my fulltime job, so I typically start work in the morning and stop when my husband comes home at night. When I write, I must do it alone, without distractions – no television or music playing in the background. I wish I could write with music playing, like some of my writer friends, but I can’t.

I have to use a keyboard. Give me a pen and pad of paper and all you will get from me is notes – no manuscript. I’ve tried using Dragon to dictate a manuscript, but I just end up with blank air. I’ve recently started using the Index Card ap on my iPad for outlining my manuscripts, which I love. I don’t follow my outline exactly – because sometimes a story will take us in a direction we never imagined.

Before you Hop Off


Visit my friend, Susan Haught.  She is the author of the newly released Shall We Dance?  included in the Halloween Anthology published by Dancing With Bear Publishing, Shall We Dance? is the heartwarming story of a young nurse who makes one elderly gentleman’s Halloween extra special.

Next week, stop by when

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C. A. Newsome author of Cozy Mysteries with Bite

and newcomer Holli Marie Spaulding join the hop.  They should be making their posts next Monday…unless of course they are bad like me.

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