Sex is Taboo, but Violence is Cool!


Support your Independent erotica author! Time to buy erotica, before it’s all gone!

Amazon is once again taking erotica titles off its book shelves – books that have been there for months. These are titles by authors who thought they were following the rules. The rules, by the way, are very ambiguous.  There is nothing illegal about  the books. They just offend some readers

From what I’ve read online, Amazon isn’t the only bookseller removing erotica titles.

Personally,  I find Silence of the Lambs far more offensive than one of Selena Kitt’s books.  However, sex is taboo, violence is cool.

Apparently it is just the independent author – not the traditionally published ones, who are having titles removed. It is okay for a traditionally published author to write about an 1800s heroine who is captured by a handsome pirate, kept as his love slave until she falls in love with him – but if an independent author writes such a tale, the book is banned.

But, I’m not talking about those politically incorrect stories. Those (written by Independent authors) were banned prior to the recent sweep. This new cleanup is removing anything that offends Amazon. According to Amazon’s own TOS, authors are expected to be clairvoyant when it comes to determining what will offend Amazon.

 So what can you do? Start buying erotica now, before it’s all gone, and help support the struggling erotica authors! (I am quite serious.)

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