Standalone Stories


One of the most common complaints I hear from reviewers – on other author’s books – those that have been given away for free in some promotion – are the cliffhangers. Typically the first in the series, these books leave the readers without a clear conclusion and forces them (if the promotion works out as the publisher hopes) to buy the next book in the series.

Reviewers have never slammed me for this, because each of my books is a standalone story. That is fairly obvious in my Sensual Romance Series – where the only thing “series” about this collection is the shared expectation. These are simple romances, with guaranteed happy endings. The Sensual Romance Series is very different from The Coulson Series.

In The Coulson Series there is love, heartbreak, mystery and murder. It is never clear which lovers are destined to be together. While many of the same characters appear in each book, it is possible to enjoy just one of the books without reading the one that came before – or after.

In spite of that – there is a thread of unresolved issues and conflicts woven throughout The Coulson Series that will collide in the final (I think it will be the final book) book – Coulson’s Reckoning, coming in 2014.

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