The Amazon Hachette wars. Why boycotting is not the answer.

2 comments on “The Amazon Hachette wars. Why boycotting is not the answer.

  1. Susan Patterson

    I buy every book I read on Amazon!!! And also many, many more products they offer.

  2. T.R. (Tom) Harris

    Yes! Let’s boycott Amazon and fight for HIGHER prices for ebooks. After all, I have money to burn and have really been upset that most ebooks are priced under $5.00. Yeah, I know that because of these low prices and proliferation of ereaders, that more books than ever are being sold and read, but that doesn’t matter. I’m more interested in helping millionaire authors make even more money, even though it’s been shown they’d make even more by selling more books at a lower price than they do now. But Amazon is evil. It’s too big, too successful. And this is America. We can’t have success — in any endeavor — because that means someone was screwed over in the process. I’m an independent ebook author myself — one of those evil people who have my books priced in the $5.00 range. And although Hachette’s higher pricing make my books look like bargains, I can’t let this injustice go by without making a stand. Higher prices for ebooks. That’s just what we need. So join me in my struggle to keep Hachette’s ebooks prices in the stratosphere. Boycott Amazon, and as it’s been mentioned in the article above, help to negatively impact MY livelihood for the benefit of the big boys.

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