What’s in a name?

SensualRomanceSeries4I’ve come to a decision – I’m renaming my Sensual Romance Series. The reviews tell me readers are misled by the series name, expecting more—well—more sex. The books can’t be classified as “clean” romance, yet nor are they erotic romance.

Looking back—I think I intended to have more heat, considering how the first book written for the series (After Sundown) started out. I mean really, look what Cole and Kit did on the dance floor of the After Sundown bar in the first chapter!

But along the way, the books took a turn to sweet. In fact, many reviewers pointed out While Snowbound is more sweet than sensual.

So I’m revaluating the title, looking for one that accurately sums up the series so as not to mislead readers.

Stories in this series are fairly predictable, in that they are happily ever after—boy meets girl—boy and girl get to know each other—boy and girl have conflicts—boy and girl end up together.

The stories are about the journey—the falling in love.

Do I name the series: Falling in love??? Journey of falling in love?

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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